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Enabling Reality Check 

Creating great memories involves great amount of effort.

GroundReality is all set to put that effort in different dimensions of its existence.

A company dedicated to making an impact in design & development of organizations, society and human life.

In this endevour, GroundReality is focused on:

  • Organizational Excellence:- Business Process and Performance Excellence Consulting

  • Social Impact Initiatives:- Enable Social enterprises, entreprenuers, CSR Leaders & Associations to connect  and capitalize thier full potential

  • Facilitiate optimal use of tools and technology  



Organization Excellence, business process management


Design, Develop and Deploy best Organiation processes and standards

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A humble initiative to make our roads safe, smooth and environmentally conducive for commuters

excellence framework



Our focus on Organizational Excellence stems from understanding both cultural and performance excellence. This is an outcome of having best in class business process and organization design. All these are derived from clearly stated and understood Vision and Values of the organization.

We help organization discover where they are in this maturity continuum and create designs and standards that they can help them achieve thier vision and live the values intern achieving organizationl excellece. 

This is excecuted by globally recognized and experienced professional consultants who have spend decades on this subject matter. 

Review our case studies which gives an idea how organizations transformed and get not only financial benefits but also many intangible benefits. 



Being an active participant in our social and community development is key. We intent to be a key contributor for our societal well being. This desire has led to our first initiative of fixing all Potholes on our roads, which is seen as one of the biggest challenge faced by all our commuters.

Every 1 km of road has over 50 potholes on an avg. which makes driving so unsafe and back breaking experience. 

We work with NGOs / Foundations /Associations / Builders / firms to fill these potholes using most innovative environmentally friendly cold asphalt mix. We source funding & donations from corporate CSR fund, builders &  associations.

We aspire to make our roads safe, smooth, eco friendly and enjoyable for all commuters and children.

Visit for knowing and participating in this social cause.

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